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Self confidence is the foundation of all great success !

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Self confidence is super power one must have. Things can happen the way you want only if you believe in yourself !

"If you feed your confidence, you will starve your fear "

A bird sitting on the tree is never afraid whether the branch will break not because it is confident about the branch but because it believes in its own wings. When you believe in yourself, you will not hesitate to take a step ahead or get scared of taking small calculative risks. When you confidently move ahead towards your goals, nothing can stop you from achieving them. So start building your confidence which helps you build you career and personality. 


" If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down "

Fears drag you back from what you want to do. So never run away from fears. Go face them, it will take you to the next level of your personality. It will make you more confident and brave. Always remember, only when a person tries to walk or learn cycling is the one who is going to fall. A person standing at the same place has less or zero chances to fall down. Walk your path with your head held high, pick yourself up when you fall and just keep moving. Double your energy and confidence at your every milestone, never let it lower down. 

"Be yourself because an original is worth more than a copy"

You are the creation of Brahma just like every creation on earth. Your existence is unique just like every other. Believe that you are unique and beautiful. Tell yourself that you are awesome in your own way. Compete with yourself every day and keep creating a better version of yourself. Remember that you are insulting yourself if you are comparing with others. Comparison just lowers your confidence and disturbs your focus. Concentrate on your inner self, your goals and your path. Every success you achieve will bring in more zeal. Every failure you step will add a lot of learning for your future. Imbibe qualities from great personalities but create a unique you. Dream to live the life which is all your own. Have a high self esteem, be yourself and enjoy the journey of success.

Be highly confident, love what you do, know where you want to go and BE UNSTOPPABLE !!!










posted Jul 22, 2016 by Sasi Narra

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