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Why to Start your career with Start ups?

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You ask any  Freshers, where do you want to work? They just say that we want to work with top most MNCs!!! Ask them why  MNCs?  They just say that "hey its a big company and people know them well". Nothing much, only few will explain you saying they have very good organisation culture. But they really don't know where they have to start their career and why? When candidates come to me for mentoring, I suggest many freshers to start their career with start up companies,  if you are passionate about your field, and want to learn new things, if you want to know the in and out of complete process, you want to grow your knowledge tremendously then you have  to choose start up companies. You will definitely learn a lot and have a very fantastic career growth. In start ups, you work very closely with all the departments there is no gap between the departments. You can reach out to any managers, your CEO , CTO , CSO or any one in the company within few hours and you can clarify your doubts. Sharing great knowledge helps a lot to grow. This happens regularly with start ups. And your boss thinks that even my employee should own a start up!!! This happens only with start ups. You learn, you Grow and you will achieve your dream. Whenever you look for the job, look for where you can learn and grow its not just about Job - it's about launching your career!

posted Jul 12, 2016 by Shiva Prasad

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