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Sir I completed my M.TECH in mechanical, is it advisable to work in a college/university. What type of work will I get?

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posted Jan 6 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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After M.Tech / ME, you will typically get lecturer job in colleges.

You should go for work in college/university ONLY and ONLY IF you are trully passionate about teaching. How would you know whether you are passionate about teaching? Well, either you will really know that. If not, try to answer following questions:

a) Do I really love to simplify difficult concepts?
b) Can you explain a concept to a high school student without using any technical words? For example, how gears work or how electrical cars are changing automobile industry?
c) Among your friends, people generally ask you to explain technical things?

Based on the answers to these, you can probably figure out whether teaching is really your cup of tea or not.

If not -- go for actual, field work in the industry. In long term career perspective, it will be more useful. In fact, even if you love teaching, you should work in fireld first - so that you can give practical teaching to your students.

Good luck!

answer Jan 7 by Mehul Bhatt