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What are the advantages of FloCareer Assessment, can we take it multiple times?

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posted Jan 4 by anonymous

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2 Answers

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Assessment is the evidence of learning and you can say that it is proof you are learning. This assessment is for the recruiter company and also used by flocareer itself to find out that either student is learning or not. Because on the behalf of your assessment first test, it automatically put some stuff there and you have to read that concepts and re take the assessment test. So assessment tells to recruiter directly by seeing your assessment marks chatsheet, either company is ready to recruit you or not because your performance will be there like in form of chart-sheet. So better to give assessment always again and again but it should be in form of increasing order, means you can say that your score always in hike form so that company can understand student always improving her/him self. But take care of it, increasing form of marks also should be not like just one mark increment, it should be very appreciated way. So taking assessment multiple times it not bad, but always it should be effective, appreciated way.
And second thing flocareer company assessment is very good and they are providing very good stuff links to study.
hope this will help you...

answer Jan 5 by Shekhar Pandey
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As Shekhar mentioned taking assessments have all those benefits and is highly recommended to update your skill sets following the "My Learning Map" or as per your convenience from the web.

By default number of times you can take an assessment is 3, but for specific requisites/job-opportunity skill sets, where the candidates are invited, this can vary up-to 5.

Once your quota is over (3 times or as specified by the job opportunity skill set) then you will have to contact the mentor for more attempt to be taken.

Happy Learning.

answer Jan 11 by Vishnu Prasad B