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Can i can join for Live Project training in java for 2-3 months?

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I got an SMS from from a institute to join their institute and get real time project. Also they will give experience certificate.
Do they recommend any courses to join? What should I do?

posted Dec 14, 2016 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Institute sending messages to work in the Live projects because they have to earn money from students and first of all there is two benefits to institute.
1. They will get money from you.
2. They will get free employee as a Interns to complete there project.

So, what the student is getting here, that is only less part of coding because they will not give you full project. Because that project will be very risky to give unfamiliar student. So there main motive is to get money from you. But I am not saying about all institution because some institution providing free training because they need students to finish there projects. So you have to see which type of institution is sending message you. And check proper website of that institute and also enquire from your other friends about that institute. But my views is only adopt these type of institutes when they provide free training otherwise not opt.
Thank you.

answer Jan 2 by Shekhar Pandey
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