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September 2016 Monthly Flo Challenge Winners

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Congratulations to the winners of September 2016 Flo Challenge winners:

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First Prize Winner:  Devaraj Vannala, Bangalore

"Any question that revolves around manipulating numbers is fun to tackle. Implementing series was easy, but it was interesting to see the results of the first question. I was intrigued by the process of optimizing the solution and that got me hooked to the contest. It was evident that 'creating efficient code' was being tested, not just some random solution. Thanks to Flocareer for providing such a great platform to test one's skills on coding, that too, with an attractive prize."

- Devaraj

Second Prize Winner:  Nikhil Vaghela, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

"I love challenges that involve something to learn outside of coding too. Both FloCareer challenges are great from that perspective. On top of that, if you win some cash, that's added benefit! September challenge was more interesting, as it included both practical question of parsing email as well as a theoretical challenge that was related to Mathematics."

- Nikhil

Third Prize Winner:  Kevin Joshi, Rajkot, Gujarat

"I participated in July as well as September challenges. I am glad to know that I was placed 3rd place in September challenge. I carefully went through the solution video of July challenge and applied some of the tips and advises given in that video, such as providing comments, organizing code appropriately etc. Thanks FloCareer for the interesting challenge, and keep it coming!"


posted Nov 3, 2016 by Mehul Bhatt

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Congratulations to all the winners !