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FloCareer highlighted at MyStartupStory

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Greetings folks,

Check out my interview at the MyStartupStory about the journey with FloCareer:

Here is the excerpt:

Flo Career is the most innovative Skills Validation Platform designed to address skill gap analysis and bridging issues prevalent in today’s world.  FloCareer helps individuals by providing them a structured roadmap to achieve success; and at the same time helps employers, by ensuring a pool of pre-assessed and pre-interviewed candidates accessible and to make their hiring experience efficient.


After spending about 12 years in USA, when I moved back I wanted to foray into the field of entrepreneurship. I was inspired by the Dalai Lama’s very simple answer to the difficult question of “what is the purpose of life?” and made it my mission statement: “The purpose of life is to be Happy and Aware, and to spread that Happiness and Awareness”. Using technology, I wanted to reach out to maximum number of people and make them aware about the hurdles they face while pursuing their goals.  It is ironic that we are living in an information age, but if you don’t know which keywords to search for, even Google can’t help you! At the same time, during my experience in corporate world, I observed that hiring is very ineffective and painful for almost everybody. There is a huge gap between what employers are looking for and the skill set individuals possess.


Mehul Bhatt


posted Oct 24, 2016 by Mehul Bhatt

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Dear All,

FloCareer's seed funding news is covered by Business Standard:

Bengaluru-based FloCareer raises $150,000 in seed funding

It plans to become the largest aggregator for services such as crowd mentoring, self-learning & interview offloading services

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Wanted to share FloCareer's mention in Indian Express in one of their articles:

Here's the excerpt:

Recently, while hiring for a business development executive role, a candidate said that he is perfect for the role because he is “beautiful” and that his friends told him his smile was “really pretty”. Just before the interview, he was asked to write a few lines on how he would devise a business development strategy – which ended up becoming a strategy to attract people, in his words. The candidate was so much in love with himself that throughout the interview, he kept trying to convince us about his “beauty” and how it will help him achieve targets.
– Mehul Bhatt, CEO & Co-founder, FLO Career


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Here is the excerpt from my article at World HR Diary:

Empathy is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood quality when it comes to Career and Success.  In Indian context, the root cause might be in the mentality of scarcity and given the fact that still majority of our population is towards the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Whatever may be the reason, time is ripe for Indian work force to be aware about Empathy as a virtue, understand its importance and develop ability to master it.

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